Sidibe Andre Yallan

Sidibe Andre Yallan - 2019 Nominee
Position: Responsable Chargé du suivi-évaluation
Organization: Consortium Management Sciences for Health et Conseils et Appuis pour l'Education à la Base
Current Location: Mali, Afrique de l'Ouest
Master 2 from Technolab Institut supérieur de technologies appliquées (ISTA)
Additional Degrees and Certifications:
Maîtrise en sciences économiques
Certificat de maître formateur en éducation sexuelle complète
75 Public Votes Reached!
President of the National Association of Young Economists, my candidate is a young 34-year-old leader with 15 years of experience in the field of reproductive health. He was among the initiators and actors of the national network of peer educators. – Nominator
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

Between 2013 and 2014 I worked at ONEWORLD UK where I strongly contributed to the design and dissemination of an e-learning platform to teach learners model lessons in reproductive health especially in family planning for a wide range of information of adolescents and young people of Mali. With this tool which was accompanied by a mobile platform sms dedicated to questions and answers with young people, we reached more than 700 000 young people through sketches, contests, educational talks and caravans. I am one of the founding members of the national network of peer educators who has made a significant contribution to the sustainability of the achievements of peer education in Mali. This earned me the first cohort of young PF ambassadors in Mali.

What sparked your passion for family planning?

The well-being of young people and women is a personal struggle. I discovered FP during our capacity building sessions. These sessions allowed me to appreciate the benefits of FP for women and youth. To enable these targets to reap the benefits of FP, awareness is needed, but more importantly, the availability (geographical and financial access) of contraceptive products. The holding of these activities are good frameworks for exchange with these targets.

Give one or two examples of how you display leadership in your family planning work.:

In my region of intervention, PF actors are numerous. Taking into account the services provided by the various actors and the geographical and security situation, I was able to support the Regional Health Department in the dynamisation of the framework of concertation of the actors with the development of the cartography of the actors and the services offered. This framework is regularly run with the support of the various organizations and has enabled the Region to go from 6% in 2015 to 21.60%

If you are named a winner of 120 under 40, how will you use this new platform and the $1000 grant to advance your work? :

The platform 120under40 will be for me a niche for sharing experiences. I will share and learn from other winners. The multisector framework approach will be supported with part of the grant awarded. The areas of FP, nutrition, agriculture, women's empowerment, education, are linked. The other part of the funds will be used to build the capacity of young organizations and youth-led organizations in addition to their local networking.

Photos of the nominee in the field/at work
Séances d'échanges avec les leaders communautaires sur la prise en compte de leur besoins en matière de services de PF à Kanikombolé dans le Cercle de Bankass, Région de Mopti Séances d'échanges avec les leaders communautaires de Dimbal dans le Cercle de Bankass sur l Formations de jeunes ambassadeurs en SR/PF en collaboration avec CARE international

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