Shankar Dhami

Shankar Dhami - 2019 Nominee
Position: Vice-president
Organization: Public Health Youth Society of Nepal (PHYSoN)
Current Location: Nepal, South-Asia
Masters of Public Health from SHAS, Pokhara University/ Public Health
Additional Degrees and Certifications:
Bachelor of Public Health
Diploma in General Medicine
75 Public Votes Reached!
As a vice-president of PHYSoN and youth public health activist Mr. Dhami had coordinated and involved in various advocacy and lobbing program related to the Family Planning. He was also involved in demand generation and program implementation. – Nominator
What sparked your passion for family planning?

The growing rate of adolescent pregnancy and high unsafe abortion insight me to work in the sector of family planning

Give one or two examples of how you display leadership in your family planning work.:

-I will work with different stakeholders to providing information and education for the promotion of FP services using IEC/BCC material
-Lobbing and advocacy for the improvement of SRHR and positive change in the public opinion toward FP services
-Celebrations of different National and International days and campaigns for improving the awareness and acceptance of FP services among the public
-Mostly I will play the role of catalyst for the betterment of SRHR conditions

If you are named a winner of 120 under 40, how will you use this new platform and the $1000 grant to advance your work? :

If I will be the winner of 120 under 40, I will use this platform and $ 1000 grant for improving the awareness and improving the service access to the hard to reach and needy population. In Nepalese context there is high adolescent fertility, so my major focuses will be on the reducing the adolescent pregnancies via advocacy and intersections. As in Nepal there is social stigma regarding FP, so I will also focuses on reducing these stigmas and improving the public opinion toward FP services.

Photos of the nominee in the field/at work
During the interaction with Female Community Health Volunteers regarding the status of FP and ways forward   Disseminating Health messages and information regarding ASRH, Safe motherhood including FP on Street festival via posters, pamphlets, flip-chart and brochures Health facility assessment for availability of FP services and interaction with FP service providers

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