Sarasie Kenny

Sarasie Kenny - 2016 Nominee
Position: Healthy Communities Field Officer
Organization: CARE International in PNG
Sarasie trains village health volunteers to promote family planning in the world's most remote communities. He supports reproductive health knowledge and healthy practices for women in rural Papua New Guinea. – Morgan Garcia, Sexual Health Manager at N/A
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

Since I started work with CARE International as the UDoH (Underlying Determinant of Health) Field officer I was working in one of the most remote places in Papua New Guinea where health facilities accessibility and infrastructure is just a dream or at least a day or two walk away. I have been actively involved in the Sexual Reproductive and Maternal Health Project in my component and cover Maternal Health as well overall health promotion Trainings targeting the outspoken or influential couple in each of the hamlet/villages.
After the end of these series of trainings with the couples, the females are certified to become the MHV (Maternal Health Volunteer) while the male are also certified as the HP (Health promoter) under our SRMH project.

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