Saah Morris

Saah Morris - 2016 Nominee
Position: Student
Organization: Planned Parenthood Association of Liberia
In my opinion, my nominee represent new generation of world family planning leaders because of the level of advotaty and imformation dissemination on family planning and others health services. – Nominator
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

My contributions to family planning is giving up my time in the field,and helping youths the country understand the importance of family planning and how it help them in preparing for a brighter future's.

What sparked your passion for family planning?

What sparked my passion for family planning is this, I saw children having babies at an early age that sparked my passion for family planning and I started my advocacies for family planning in all part of the country and the world at large.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your family planning efforts, and what have you done to overcome it?

My biggest challenge faced in family planning in my country is the issue that have to do with the mind set that people have about family planning but through the awarenesses that have been held throughout the country.

What is your (country/region/city)’s biggest challenge in family planning, and how can it be addressed?

My country biggest challenge is taking the services throughout the country and this can be addressed through the involvements of other international organizations through the distribution of vehicles to take the services throughout the country.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

I want to see family planning throughout the country and the world at large, I also want to see children having babies by choice and not by chance.

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