Raymond Mungujakissa

Raymond Mungujakissa - 2016 Nominee
Position: Founder
Organization: Education Reach
He is the CEO and Founder of Education Reach, which has reached more than 2,000 young people and equipped them with leadership, entrepreneurship and SRHR Through its outreach activities, Their vision – Nominator
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

I have been able to engage with various stake holders in the community like cultural and religious leaders in a number of community outreaches on contraceptive usage, effects of illegal abortion and challenges that comes with lack of family planning and .We launched a campaign dubbed UNSTOPPABLE community education on modern family planning methods thereby changing their perceptions from understanding of family planning as ‘birth control’ to a question of the health of the mother and have reached out to more than 5000 vulnerable groups mostly the youths in high school ,slum communities and trained them on how to communicate with their peers on such difficult topics such as sex and sexuality

What sparked your passion for family planning?

Family planning has the capability of addressing most of the sustainable development goals families are giving birth to children they are unable to take care of i witnessed that in many families in my community where i grew up and development only happens when the family unburdened .The pillars of the clear minded and educated society are healthy and happy families where children are born by choice not chance and are able to be provided for the basics like shelter ,food ,education .

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your family planning efforts, and what have you done to overcome it?

Uganda's biggest challenge in family is the negative mindset and norms society has towards family planning that is biased and culturally sensitive and are not spoken about in public .The major stake holders in the societies like the religious and cultural leaders are not speaking about it and are forbidding people from using contraceptives .There is need to break this norm and educate the youth who make up 70% of the population on family planning issues and its benefits.

What is your (country/region/city)’s biggest challenge in family planning, and how can it be addressed?

The biggest barrier to Family use in Uganda is the lack of civic education by the major stakeholders, with the major players being men/husbands/traditional rulers who are greatly forbidding family planning . Until we educate and change the mindset of society on the importance of family planning and why it is central to our survival, stocks of contraceptives continue expiring and gathering dust on clinic shelves and government hospitals.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

A country where the citizens mostly the youth are well informed about the benefits of family planning and are able to make sound decision with their partners with an enabling environment for women to access sexual and reproductive health care services by working with communities to identify and lower or remove barriers to access, like financial, gender, cultural .

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