Mansur Muhammad Tukur

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Mansur Muhammad Tukur - 2017 Nominee
Position: Family Planning Technical Advisor
Organization: BMGF/TSU-Palladium Nigeria
Current Location: Kaduna State, Nigeria
MHE-Masters Degree in Health Economics from Bayero University Kano
Additional Degrees and Certifications:
PhD in Public Health Scholar
Msc-Global Health Policy inview
MBA-International Healthcare Management
MPH-Masters Degree in Public Health
MDS-Masters in Development Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health
Agriculture, Nutrition and Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Global Health E- Learning Course-M and E Fundamentals
Global Health E- Learning Course-U.S Family Planning Policies and Statutory
Social Behavior Change Communication Learning Course- Ohio University/C-Change
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg, School of Public Health, Centre for Communication Programs Baltimore in Partnership with CCP Nigeria, Advances Leadership in Strategic Health Communication (LSHC) -
World-View Academy training on 9 conversations of leadership
International Location Safety institutes training on Security & First aid Techniques in the Philippines

Awards Received:
  • Award:
    Peace Ambassador
    Awarding Organization:
    United Nation's Youth Federation for wold Peace
    Date Awarded:
    October 20, 2012
  • Award:
    Chapman Scholar
    Awarding Organization:
    Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP)
    Date Awarded:
    May 12, 2012
  • Award:
    Grand Finance & Fellowship Award
    Awarding Organization:
    Association of Financial Analyst Nigeria(Afan)
    Date Awarded:
    May 6, 2017
Mansur Tukur has redefined demand generation and has managed Behavior change amongst people of Northern Nigeria and the CPR increase in northern Nigeria can be credited to his Healthy Timing Approach an initiative he used in increasing demand for FP. – Aondoaseer Leonard Viashima, Regional Manager at Marie Stopes International Organization - Nigeria
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

Regional Manager led community mobilization for healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy, we served 150,000 women in three months, coordinated team of Master trainers and consultants, built the capacity of 1,000 Nurses on LARC & convert religious leaders to FP advocats. also, presently working as FP Technical Advisor with BMGF-TSU/palladium, I am strengthening the capacity of the SMOH FP staff to monitor implementation of the State's FP Costed implementation Plan (CIP). Coordinating partners and other entities involved in the generation of relevant FP data, to access said data and use it to track progress towards State CIP milestones and task shifting, working to strengthen capacity of SMOH FP staff to engage in state-level FP advocacy initiatives through training and ongoing mentoring

What sparked your passion for family planning?

Knowledge of problems large family size in the North-West Nigeria faces. Changing Islamic misconception on FP, reaching communities through religious leaders & communicating vital information to clear community's Islamic misconception on FP is pertinent to our cause. Hausa/Fulani boy raised in a polygamous family managed to study against financial difficulties to be who I'm. Families suffering from economic difficulties sends their children to the streets as beggars, some gets radicalized by...

Give one or two examples of how you display leadership in your family planning work.:

1- When I was a Regional Manager of Family Planning project in Kano while working with MSI, Nigeria- I lead a team 32 staff and we developed a strategy called CYP Buster outreach program. With my leadership, the team reached 50,000 CYPs monthly for 6 months.
2- Presently, I am leading from behind giving Technical Support to Kaduna state Primary Healthcare development Agency to ensure the operationalization of Task shifting policy and the execution of their Costed Implementation plan(CIP).

If you are named a winner of 120 under 40, how will you use this new platform and the $1000 grant to advance your work? :

I have a research result and based on my thesis, families needs to know the economic benefits of family planning & change their perception in the North. Majority lack access to information and services at their disposal. I will support individuals, families and communities to access contraceptives information by supporting a local NGO-Dangidau Foundation for Development Initiatives(DifDI) with $1,000 to ensure women gets relevant information and services on Family Planning.

Video Introduction
Photos of the nominee in the field/at work
Family Planning Partners' Meeting, Advocacy for the operationalization of Family Planning of Task Shifting policy   , Showcasing FP Ambasadors/Champions in Kano

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