Kajeneza Thierry

Kajeneza Thierry - 2016 Nominee
Position: Senior Coordinator/Youth Section Representative
Organization: Icirore C'Amahoro A.S.B.L.
Creation, facilitation and supervision as well as training first Burundian School clubs for SRHR; Advocating for the establishment of FYC by UNFPA, Women's empowerment to end GBV, WD Young Leaders 2013 – Nominator
Creation, facilitation & supervision of first school clubs for SRHR in Burundi; advocating for the setting up of YFC in Burundi by UNFPA, Selected among Women Deliver 2013 Young Leaders, Women Empowerment. – Clement BASABOSE, School Teacher, Association pour la Paix et les Droits Humains: APDH
Allowing his organization to carry out PRIDE Project funded by Global Fund especially SRH activities,being the first to work openly on SHRH with Youth at School, Senzitizing rural women via networks. – Nominator
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

In 2013, I was among Women Deliver 100 young leaders who were selected because of their work in promoting the wellbeing and lives of girls and mothers in their countries. I was the only Burundian to be selected. In relation to family planning, I am the initiator of school clubs for sexual and reproductive health in Burundi in order to help young people avoid unwanted pregnancies. Later on, PNSR,UNFPA,PSI as well as the Minister of Primary and Secondary education joined me and support my initiative by setting up Youth Friendly centers and Tunza Health Centers after advocating for their establishment in Burundi when I came back from Women Deliver Conference in 2013 Kuala Lumpur. Community members are therefore influenced by members of these clubs though we sensitize them

What sparked your passion for family planning?

What sparked my passion for family planning was the fact that I was observing in my community a big number of pupils who were dropping school because of unwanted pregnancies and those kids were not given chance to grow up as their mothers were not mature enough to take care of them. They were doomed to death. Apart from the mortality and unwanted pregnancies that affect the rights for education of girls, there were land disputes,malnutrition,economic problems in families with many kids

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your family planning efforts, and what have you done to overcome it?

The biggest challenge I have faced in my family planning efforts was related to changing mentality and getting the permission to work in different schools. For Community members, I was obliged to increase the number of sensitizations in collaboration with leaders (administration and health authorities) while for schools I used sports and arts as strategies and workshop and training for school leaders included religious schools. Youth Camps organized during summer holidays helped too much.

What is your (country/region/city)’s biggest challenge in family planning, and how can it be addressed?

The biggest challenge now in Burundi in relation to Family Planning is that Families and those who can use FP are ready to adhere to the program but they do not get enough information that they need. Since they are illiterate, once one wants to mislead them by providing them with another false information, they give up this FP. What can be done in order to address this challenge is to put in place committees in each village in charge of delivering useful and constant information on FP.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

In the next five years I want to set up 17 regional centres well equipped where young people and adult can come to enjoy themselves for free (sport centre well equipped,) and be sensitized in relation to FP and get services of FP. I would like also contribute by establishing other school clubs for sexual and reproductive health and reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies by 400%. Finally, I would like to associate all Burundian religious leaders in the process before the end of five years.

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