Giovanni Grandi

Giovanni Grandi - 2017 Nominee
Position: Associate Researcher
Organization: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Current Location: Modena, Italy, Europe
M.D. cum laude 2010
Awards Received:
  • Award:
    Member of the Expert Group on Sexual Helath and Sex Education
    Awarding Organization:
    European Society of Contraception and Reproductive HealthCare
    Date Awarded:
    May 1, 2014
  • Award:
    Editor of the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive HealthCare
    Awarding Organization:
    European Society of Contraception and Reproductive HealthCare
    Date Awarded:
    May 1, 2016
  • Award:
    One of the best Reviewers for 2016
    Awarding Organization:
    Obstetrics and Gynecology (The Green Journal)
    Date Awarded:
    January 1, 2017
He was elected as editor of the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive HealthCare. He is one of the best reviewer for Obstetrics and Gynecology (Green Journal). Many papers as first author published in 2016. Active member of the ESCRH. – Nominator
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

I am a very curious and ambitious health professional with a strong passion for study and research in general. My ambition for research starts everyday in the clinical practice from my curiosity, when I ask a clinical opinion to a physician more expert than me; for me his/her answer has never been a point of arrival but something that has generated in me a million of new questions. In 2015 I have worked in the Department of Clinical Research, Inselspital, University of Bern (Menthor Prof M.D. Mueller), on interesting in-vitro projects about the effects of hormones on endometrial cells. I am currently an Associate Reseacher for the University of Modena. In the last years I have published many papers in peer-reviewed ObGyn Journals about contraceptive methods and hormonal therapies.

What sparked your passion for family planning?

As member of the Expert Group of Sexual and Reproductive Health of ESC I attended in Wien in 2015 a metting to organize the seminar in Basel 2016 ESC International congress.I really like review papers to permanently be in touch with the recent newest scientific knowledges in family planning to serve womens health.It was a pleasure for me to become the Editor of the European Journal Contraception and Reproductive HealthCare and one of the best reviewers of The Green Journal(top in ObGyn) in 2016.

Give one or two examples of how you display leadership in your family planning work.:

I currently work for the service of Contraception in the Policlinico of Modena, Italy and I am an active family planning physician also in private practice. I have followed many research projects in the field of family planning, often multicentric as subinvestigator. I am active working for the website of Italian Society of Contraception, doing web-counselling. I have participated to numerous Italian and International congresses, often as Invited Speaker, with spech about contraceptive topics.

If you are named a winner of 120 under 40, how will you use this new platform and the $1000 grant to advance your work? :

I need funds to improve my research projects, both in-vitro and clinical.I want to continue my international cooperation with the University Of Bern (Switzerland) and the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive HealthCare.It would be a pleasure to organize some events in my country in cooperation with the Italian Society of Contraception to improve the general knowledge about family planning, in particular to improve the cultural barriers, especially in migrants.

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