Chijioke Kaduru

Chijioke Kaduru - 2019 Nominee
Position: Performance Management Officer
Organization: Corona Management Systems
Current Location: Nigeria, Africa
Master of Public Health from University of Manchester
Additional Degrees and Certifications:
University of Ghana Medical School, Accra, Ghana [March 2011], Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)
University of Ghana [May 2007], BSc. Medical Sciences/Human Biology

Relevant Certifications
World Health Organisation Scholar [May 2019], Certification Course on Reducing Inequities and Increasing Coverage
Global Health eLearning Centre [April 2019], Certificate Course on Post-Partum Family Planning
Global Health eLearning Center [March 2019], Certificate Course on Population, Health and Environment (Revision 1)
Agora: UNICEF [November 2018], Certificate Course on Introduction to Advocacy
Agora: UN Women [November 2018], Certificate Course on Introduction to Gender Equality
Agora: UNICEF [April 2018], Certificate Course on Communication for Development
The Open University, United Kingdom [November 2017], Course on Family Planning Programming: Focus Sub-Saharan Africa
The Learn Foundation Law Center [December 2016], Course on Advocacy and Lobbying Rules for Private Foundations
The World Bank Open Learning Center [August 2016], Course on Public Financial Management
World Health Organization [August 2016], Course on Health Financing Policy for Universal Health Coverage
University of Copenhagen [Aug – Oct 2013], Course on Introduction to Global Health
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health [Jan – Mar 2013], Course on Health for All through Primary Health Care
75 Public Votes Reached!
He works as part of a team that provides technical support and leadership to States in South-South Nigeria in health systems strengthening, to improve family planning outcomes, including technical leadership to develop policies & implement strategies – Nominator
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

I currently work to provide technical assistance and performance management support to the Bayelsa State government on Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health programs, as part of a strategy to strengthen health systems, reduce inequities and improve coverages, especially in Family Planning. I work specifically to provide mentoring and capacity building support to mid-level managers and to health facility workers, to strengthen data collection, analysis and use for action in designing, implementing and monitoring high impact strategies to improve the modern contraceptive prevalence rate. My work has contributed to improvements in key inputs, processes and outputs of the FP program in the State, with improvements in mCPR seen for the State in the 2018 National SMART Survey.

What sparked your passion for family planning?

Women and girls being able to decide when, with who and how many children to have plays arguably the most important role in defining their life course, the life course of the children and more often than not, the socioeconomic progress of the nation. This argument has been at the heart of my interest and work in contributing in my own small way to ensuring that all women and girls have access to the family planning information and services that they need, as their right, without prejudice.

Give one or two examples of how you display leadership in your family planning work.:

I think the key example for me would be in currently providing leadership of the stakeholder participation process in domesticating the Nigeria National task shifting and task sharing policy in Bayelsa State, towards providing a policy platform for community health workers to provide more family planning services. I currently lead the situational analysis and stakeholder management process on behalf of the technical working group, working with the State Program Manager.

If you are named a winner of 120 under 40, how will you use this new platform and the $1000 grant to advance your work? :

I would use the $1000 provided to me to support the provision of additional storage facilities for Ekeremor Local Government Area in Bayelsa State to store Family Planning commodities and consumables, so as to help improve the efficiency of the supply chain system. This will help improve the availability of family planning commodities and consumables in the local governments and ease delivery to the health facilities in that local government.

Photos of the nominee in the field/at work
At the ICFP 2018 Opening Ceremony Enroute Supportive Supervision of Service Delivery to Ekeremor LGA and its Health Facilities Providing Technical Leadership on Data Use for Action for the FP Program at High-level Engagement with Stakeholders in Bayelsa State

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