Anderson Tsuma

Anderson Tsuma - 2016 Nominee
Position: National Youth Representative - Youth Action Movement
Organization: Family Health Option of Kenya
Heads social media project that aimed at linking YP with SRH Information and services, advocated for establishment friendly youth centers and lobbied subsidization of the fee to access services that included contraceptives. 900,000 services in 2015 – Nominator
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

I have played a significant role in advocating for policy development that includes establishment of friendly youth centers where young people can converge and have discussions and the policy of free or subsidized fee for access of services that include family planning. This resulted to increased services to over 900,000 surpassing the set target of 500,000 in 2015. In the same year I spearheaded the movement in launching a social media project that aimed at linking young people with SRH information and improving their understanding on SRHR services; 40% of the total information shared was family planning related issues. This resulted to the project being recognized as a best practice in the year 2015 by International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region. In 2016,Joined FP2020 EAC

What sparked your passion for family planning?

The up to date limited or no access of young people to contraceptives and other services that has resulted to either early mariages due to early pregnancies or due to lack of information.
The continued increase of unwanted and unintended pregnancies among the youth and adolescents and even married couples in the Sub-Sahara due to insufficient knowledge of contraceptives which ended up resulting to most of the infant mortalities.
The limited advocacy on Contraceptives

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your family planning efforts, and what have you done to overcome it?

Rigid conservatives myths and misconceptions about Family Planning and Contraceptives from the local community and from the Faith Based Organizations.
To overcome the challenge, I took aggressive advocacy measures to advocate and instill values of manageable small families by utilizing the local organized meetings, using our local administrators,conduct public and social media campaigns to create more awareness on Family Planning and contraceptives and also refer for those in need of services

What is your (country/region/city)’s biggest challenge in family planning, and how can it be addressed?

Lack of accurate Family Planning information and services is a big challenge in my country especially the rural parts. It is a challenge that needs actions like aggressive advocacy on Family Planning, comprehensive awareness on FP and contraceptives in order to do away with the myth and misconceptions, establishing Community Based Services Points to take care of the rural families demand and pushing for development of policies that would favor FP and use of contraceptives.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

Have and live in a community that would have a group of informed young people on matters of FP and that would be carrying on the task of enlightening others, minimal or no unintended and unwanted pregnancies in my locality and ensure the institutionalization of the free access or subsidized fee policy by the government practiced in the local facilities and have at least two Community Based Service Points established in my locality.

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