Aliyu Jibril Guraguri

Aliyu Jibril Guraguri - 2016 Nominee
Aliyu Manages the community based distribution component of the Expanded social Marketing Project in Nigeria. with 2600 community volunteers, ESMPIN increased access of Family planning services to underserved communities in 4 northern Nigerian states – Salima Abdullahi Dhacko, Assistant Program Officer, ESMPIN at Association for Reproductive & Family Health
He represents in a very diplomatic ways through collaborations with stakeholders regardless of the their status,race ethnicity or belief. Has been patient , sacrificial and very strategic in the discharge of his signed responsibilities. – Wasilu Lawal, finanace and admin officer at FAHYE Katsina
Aliyu has being able to educate young people of Northern Nigeria(4 states),on family planing,it is a part of the country were family planing kits are seen as wrong eg oral peels(combination 3),injectables, and even the cycle was a success. – Umar Ladan, Asst. State Programe Officer at ARFH
Aliyu has being able to educate young people of Northern Nigeria(4 states),He is a smart,hardworking young man,with the young people at heart always to work with – Falmata Ummi Dungus, Asst. State Programe Officer at ARFH
It is a pleasure to nominate Aliyu Jibril. My first impression on Aliyu came when he succeeded in the competitive interview and became the Manager of the refutable organization ARFH. His ability to mobilize and strategies are his greatest assets. – Junaidu Halilu, IT services at Federal inland Revenue Service
The nominee possessed great zeal for getting things done independently and he as been dedicated and committed to create the desire in programme implementation to furfil our societal dream. He has gained substantial experience over the years on this – Abbas AbdulRafiu, Head of Conservation at National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA)
Good and excellence better approaches and acheiving 100 percent goals. – Zayyanu Tukur, Lecturer at Abdugusau Polytechnic
The nominee was once a health communication coordinator. He do select and train interpersonal communication agents that works in the community educating the couples on the important of family planing and also showing them the different methods of FP. – KABIR MUHAMMAD, MR at SOCIETY FOR FAMILY HEALTH, NIGERIA
His qualities:...Quality demand creation strategies,service provision through community based distribution,organisation of regional conferences and more – Eric Anachi, Broadcasting at Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria
The nominee Aliyu Jibreel Guraguri has accomplished a grate tax in the area of family planning by implementing Expanded Social Marketing product in Nigerian (ESMPIN) Project in Nigerian which cover four state. – Amos Dimbrim, Mr at Youth Reproductive Health of Nigeria Jega, Kebbi State
Describe your contributions to and achievements in family planning.

In Nigeria only 10% of women of reproductive age access contraceptives. In some of the northern states where I came from the CPR was as low as 1.9%. maternal and child mortality remained terribly high as 1 out of 13 children die before their first birthday, and 1 out of every 183 pregnant woman die as a result of child birth. these figures were unacceptable and Nigerians felt that we needed to do something. I was among them. First, I started as a community volunteer before finally joining the ESMPIN project at Society for Family Health. I served in Sokoto and Kebbi states a program Officer where I train and deploy IPC conductors, currently, I Manage the CBD component of ESMPIN project and the project has achieved 75% of its CYP target saving millions of lives. Im proud to be part of it.

What sparked your passion for family planning?

As the most populous country in Afrcia, Nigeria's CPR was only 10% by 2008. Maternal and child mortality was high especially in Northern part where iliteracy level is high. In some of the states the CPR was as low as 2.1% necessitating an urgent action to address the scourge. USAID's ESMPIN project offered to increase access to FP products & services in Nigeria by generating 15million CYP by 2016. Being the largest FP project funded by USAID, I wanted to be part of this mystery called ESMPIN.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your family planning efforts, and what have you done to overcome it?

After commencement of ESMPIN Project, demand was low, in order to address this, a regional conference on child spacing was conevened with high ranking traditional and religious leaders under the leadership of the Sultan of Sokoto. It turn out to be a turning point for the performance of ESMPIN project. The conference gave opportunity for discussions & increased support from community and religious leaders who spoke from different perspective to strengthen positive religious views on FP.

What is your (country/region/city)’s biggest challenge in family planning, and how can it be addressed?

The major challenge of FP in Nigeria is lack of Government committment. Government needs to increase its budgetary provision for family planning. A strong advocacy is needed to achieve this. Also, we need to strengthen the capacity of providers and also ensure constant supply of comodities. Development and sustaining community structures will help in promoting ownership and sustaining gains recorded. Awareness is still low, we need to intensify BCC and referral activities to increase uptake.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

Within 5 years of implementation, we have established Community based distribution Networks in the 64 local areas we work. The Network members were trained & deployed to create demand, distribute commodities and refer clients for LAM. We plan to strengthen the networks and expand the strategy to other states to form National coalition of community based distributors and Demand creators of Nigeria. Thats my dream! We will also participate in advocacy activities for increased FP funding.

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